Performance Aluminum Rainware

Kaycan’s Aluminum Rain Carrying System provides both a professional, complementary finish and superior protection, perfect for any home’s exterior. Kaycan’s Performance Rainware is an easy-to-install, corrosion-resistant system which maintains a freshly painted look year-after-year.

kaycan Performance Aluminum Rainware rain_alum

Gutter Sentry

The unique patented design of Gutter Sentry turns your average gutter into a complete box design, providing unequaled strength against bending, twisting and crushing. The Gutter Sentry allows the eavestroughs to remain firmly in place in extreme weather conditions, without sagging because of snow and ice formation. Its twenty 1/8 in. holes per square inch provide unequaled drainage capacity and up to more than 4 times the heaviest precipitations known worldwide.


Over time, many elements will try to infiltrate the gutter system. ProGuard II makes sure that won’t happen. Made from high tensile strength aluminum, this unseen hero stays out of sight while giving you peace of mind. The gutter system will remain free of debris and stay focused on what matters, protecting your home.